Andrew Neill "Andy" Graffin information and opinions

Andrew Neill "Andy" Graffin is an athlete from Great Britain who debuted in the Sydney Olympic Games with 22, years in Athletics Men's 1,500 metres

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Andrew Neill "Andy" Graffin information

Check the information about Andrew Neill "Andy" Graffin

  • Complete name: Andrew Neill "Andy" Graffin
  • Nationality of Andrew Neill "Andy" Graffin: Great Britain
  • Sex: M
  • Andrew Neill "Andy" Graffin's last Olympics: Sydney 2000
  • Age in his last olympic games in Sydney 2000: 22

Andrew Neill "Andy" Graffin participations in the Olympic games

Check the information about Andrew Neill "Andy" Graffin

Andrew Neill "Andy" Graffin 1 Olympic games participation
  • Ages: 22 years
  • Height: 181
  • Weight: 67
  • Team: Great Britain
  • Olympic Games: 2000 Summer
  • Season: Summer
  • City: Sydney
  • Sport: Athletics
  • Event: Athletics Men's 1,500 metres
  • Medal: NA

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