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  • ID: 22241
  • NAME: Viger
  • COUNTRY: England
  • Full: Viger
  • name: date unknown
  • Current: Surrey

Viger Statistics

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  • Batting T20Is Ct: 4
  • Batting T20Is St: 7
  • Batting First class Mat: 2
  • Batting First class Inns: 28
  • Batting First class NO: 12*
  • Batting First class Runs: 5.60
  • Bowling T20Is 5w: 4
  • Bowling First class Mat: -
  • XBOWLING_First_class_InnsXX: -
  • Bowling First class Balls: -
  • Bowling First class Runs: -
  • Bowling First class Wkts: -
  • Bowling First class BBI: -
  • Bowling First class BBM: -
  • Bowling First class Ave: -
  • Bowling First class Econ: -
  • Bowling First class Strike rate: -
  • Bowling First class 4w: -

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